Terms & Conditions


The project as described in the "summary" and "milestones" sections, henceforth known as the description of work, will be completed within 15 to 30 work days assuming you are available to provide feedback to us on a daily basis.  Work days are Mondays through Fridays during the hours of operations as displayed on UnityTenth.com, not counting holidays. Each work day you are unavailable to provide feedback may push the project completion date back by one work day.  Failure to submit required information or materials as outlined above may cause delays in the production.  Please provide additional time for client feedback.

Unity Tenth, the Service Company, will provide support for fixing bugs (not caused by you) and answering questions related to the service after completion.  Support will be provided by Greenthumb Support Services, handled by FixRunner.com.  Support requests must only be submitted via the support request ticket portal at https://unitytenth.com/greenthumb-unity-tenth-support-services/support-tickets-greenthumb/ for support subscriptions or https://unitytenth.com/greenthumb-unity-tenth-support-services/one-time-fix-support/ for one-time fixes.  Tickets or inquires submitted outside of the parameters listed here will be ignored. Support will last for the duration of the support plan purchased.  Additional charges may apply for certain jobs at the discretion of FixRunner in which it is up to the you to pay the balance.  The Service Company is not responsible for any technical issues caused by FixRunner.  Unity Tenth does not own FixRunner and vice-versa.

Fees & Additional Services

Any work which is not specified in the description of the work above will be considered an additional service and will require a separate agreement and payment from what is included in this agreement.  Excessive change requests prior to the website’s launch will be charged separately at the hourly rate of $50.  You are responsible for costs for third-party software to be installed and embedded into the project which includes, but not limited to, plugins, themes, email marketing, etc.


You, the official representative of the organization who is the signer of this agreement, is engaging us, Unity Tenth, as the Service Company to perform the duties in this agreement.  You hereby authorize us to access any account for the purposes of providing the service.

Hosting, Domain Management, & Self Service Terms

All domains will be registered and owned by Unity Tenth unless it is purchased and registered by the client.  Unity Tenth will purchase and register 1 domain for a client per project. Additional domains are to be purchased and registered by the client.  Unity Tenth will connect registered domains to Unity Tenth’s hosting provider vendor (Flywheel) at no additional cost.

Unity Tenth will be responsible for the first installment of your domain and hosting costs.  Afterwards, you will be responsible for all costs associated with domain maintenance, domain registration, hosting maintenance, website migration from Flywheel, and third-party licensing obligations which includes but is not limited to plugins, themes, codes.

Unity Tenth is not responsible for any technical issues caused by GoDaddy that may interfere with domain registration.  Hosting is provided by Flywheel. Unity Tenth is not responsible for any technical issues caused by Flywheel that may interfere with hosting.

Unity Tenth does not own or operate GoDaddy or Flywheel and vice-versa.


You and Service Company may disclose confidential information one to the other to facilitate work under this Agreement.  Such information shall be so identified in writing at the time of its transmittal, and shall be safeguarded and not disclosed to third parties by the receiving party.

Permissions and Releases

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Service Company against any and all claims, costs, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, due to materials included in the Work at your request for which no copyright permission or previous release was requested or uses which exceed the uses allowed pursuant to a permission or release.


Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving 30 days (including weekends and holidays) written notice to the other of such termination.  In the event that Work is postponed or terminated at your request, we shall have the right to bill pro rata for work completed through the date of that request, while reserving all rights under this Agreement.  If additional payment is due, this shall be payable within 30 days (including weekends and holidays) of your written notification to stop work.  In the event of termination, you shall own all rights to the Work.  You shall assume responsibility for all collection of legal fees necessitated by default in payment.